Partner’s In Ministry

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Camp Judson

We send many children and youth to the shores of Lake Erie every summer to enjoy the outdoors and fun while growing in their faith in Christ. Check in with our Center leaders in the Spring for information on registering for the Summer

Community Food Warehouse

Much of our food for dinners at our Children’s Ministry is made possible by the work of the Community Food Warehouse. Click their link for more information.

Sharon City Schools

We could not do what we do without our connection to Sharon City Schools. We are trying to build up the young kids in our valley and we value to work they do to raise our kids.

Tip Tap Toe Dance Studio

Every February girls who are a part of our program have the opportunity to experience the thrill of learning dance from this amazing studio. Click the link to see their Facebook page.

Buhl Community Recreation Center

Every regular dismissal Tuesday After School Program kids have the opportunity to learn the basics of swimming at the Buhl Community Recreation Center pool.